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Lifting Tools and Equipment

Onshore, Offshore and Subsea Structures

Process and Pressure Piping

Pressure vessels and Storage Tanks

A&NENG is specialized in documentation and design of the industrial products according to design standards.

The products are divided to the following groups:

  • - Lifting tools and equipment
  • - Pressure vessels and pressure tools
  • - Storage tanks
  • - Process piping and pressure piping
  • - Onshore structures
  • - Offshore structures
  • - Subsea structures

The products are from the following materials:

  • - Carbon steel and alloy steel
  • - Light metals alloys, e.g. Aluminium alloy
  • - Laminated reinforced composite

The documentations includes:

  • - Fabrications drawings
  • - Design or calculations reports
  • -Verification of the design
  • -FEA and CFD calculations

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